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Looking for a unique and stylish photo booth for your business or events company? Here at Deluxe Open Booths we provide beautiful, timeless photo booths available to buy and hire. If you’re looking for photo booths for parties, events, or for the ever-growing wedding industry then Deluxe Open Booths can help.

Deluxe Open Booths have been in the photobooth industry for 8 years and have been manufacturing booths for the past 4. When you buy a photo booth from us, you will not disappointed by our unique booth designed and built by us.

We can guarantee that our cutting-edge photo booths will produce professional-quality, colourful images that your guests will love, our expertise and support ensures that you will hit the ground running

At Deluxe Open Booths, our dedication to customer service shows from the fantastic feedback we get from our customers time after time. We’ll go above and beyond to make sure that all of our customers are happy.


High Quality Standards

All of our booths are built using professional-grade photographic equipment to guarantee all of our customers the highest quality photos.

An Experienced Team

Our director has over 10 years of industry experience so you can be sure that you are in good hands when you buy a photo booth from us.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices offer an amazing return on investment. We designed and build all of our booths with many customers achieving 100% ROI within 2-3 months.

Fantastic Reputation

We’ve been providing booths for over 6 years, and we’ve built a fantastic reputation over the years – read some of our reviews now.

Dress To Impress

Our booths are stunning on their own but with a small investment, you can easily create a beautifully themed service that will truly set you apart from the competition.


If you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your events company that your clients will love and appreciate, you’re in the right place…our heart-shaped photo booths are designed to complement any wedding perfectly.


Perhaps your client is hosting a prom night – we have got you covered! The versatile and open design of our deluxe photo booths are perfect for prom, allowing fantastic group shots that your customer will thank you for!
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Our fantastic themed booths elevate any function and are simply irresistible, giving guests a unique experience and bringing their party to life, they’ll love the stylish booth and will want to hire it from you again and again!

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Designed For Beauty & Simplicity

The Deluxe Heart Shaped Booth is a beautifully elegant and lightweight booth.  The Heart-Shaped shell contains an LED strip for constant light as well as a studio flash that fires through the 3 hearts allowing you to optimize your DSLR settings for the best possible blur-free sharp results. With a built-in 15.6 touchscreen monitor allowing easy operation of the booth.

The design allows you to attach any laptop or pc (requires 3 USB and 1 HDMI), we recommend you place it in the crates along with the printer completing the rustic look and hiding any technology from the guests. Its rustic vintage/classic look is especially suited to weddings and special occasions such as birthdays or engagement parties.

The Heart photo booth is an excellent photo booth to offer your customers and it is extremely easy for your staff to set up and operate. The Heart design allows for the cables to be cleverly hidden by the flowers that wrap around the stem. The unique design makes the whole setup look cable-free and provides an excellent centerpiece for any special occasion.

Photo Booth Features

Easy Setup & Transport

Our full setup including the surround and backdrop easily fits in the back of your car. The setup at an event is incredibly easy as you don’t even need to open the heart up. Simply connect 4 cables to the back of the booth to your laptop/printer, switch it on and you’re ready to go.

Touch Screen

Touch screen technology allowing guests to choose black & white or color photos. Once the guest touches the screen the rest of the session is fully automated.

Photobooth Software

Our photo booths are compatible with mainstream photobooth software such as Breeze, Darkroom and Booth Junkie meaning you have a range of options when it comes to software all are quick and easy to use leaving you with no fuss and an easy to use photobooth.

Studio Lighting

Our unique booth design contains an LED light as well as a 300w studio flash that fires through the three illuminated hearts on the front of the booth meaning your photos will come out perfectly time after time.

DSLR Camera

A professional-grade DSLR camera provides the best images possible from our photo booth. Wow, your customers with crisp blur-free colorful images which are of the highest quality leaving your customers stunned with the quality and will ensure the prints they have are of the highest quality.

Open Freestanding

We design and build our booths from the ground up. As it’s freestanding, our photo booths take up minimal space but provide maximum entertainment – plus it’s great for group photos!
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